Friday, November 9, 2018

Program Season

The Connection programs are designed to provide a caring environment, to celebrate how God is using our colleagues, to help renew their passion and vision for the Bibleless, and to assist them as they connect with the people and services available through the Orlando office. In the typical year, we will host four or five programs for those who reside primarily overseas and then four programs for those who reside primarily in the United States. In 2018, 148 adults and 80 of their missionary kids (MKs) came through Orlando during the Connection programs.

We hosted two groups of colleagues for Connections last month. One of our joys is to celebrate them by acknowledging their years of service with Wycliffe. The experience of those at the Wycliffe Stateside Connection ranged from a “low” of 27 years to a “high” of 45 years of service! What an encouragement to spend a week with those who have committed their lives to Scripture translation. We always hear stories of God’s faithfulness to them, all along their journey.

Next week, the entire Development~Orientation~Training (DOT) team will be off-site for meetings. More than half of our team of 34 people are not based in Orlando, so it will be great to have some face-to-face time together. Then the next program we host in Orlando will be January 12-25, 2019, Equip new missionary orientation.

Personal Update

For a personal update, take a look at this newsletter. My annual financial update follows on page 2.

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