Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Niagara Trip, Day 3

This morning, we wandered around as our own tour guides, utilizing the Niagara Parks PeopleMover system. Our guide last night had given us a great tip on where to park and catch the bus.

There's really no way to describe the Maid of the Mist ride. It just won't make sense until you have done it. Pics we took are on a waterproof camera so haven't been developed yet. Not sure any of them will come out, but they were fun to take.

The boat takes you past the American and Bridal Falls... and the mist rises some and you think, "Ok, that's why they gave us a little blue raincoat." Then the boat cruises towards the Horseshoe/Canadian Falls. From the shore, the mist can be seen as it rises near the front of the Falls basin. As the boat enters that area, it is exactly like running into a rain storm. :-) There is another section deeper in the horseshoe that is even more intense - the spray totally envelopes the boat. It's such a crazy thing - makes you laugh and giggle because you feel like a kid and yet stand in awe of the power and might of our creative God.

From there, we PeopleMoved to the other end of Niagara Park to the Butterfly Conservatory - another look at the creative majesty of God - this time in the little details. Mom's shirt was a floral print, and they seemed to love it. She had three light on her for extended periods of time.

We ended the day with a drive up to Niagara on the Lake, which is in the valley north of the Falls area. Lovely resort-type area with great views of the water. A thunderstorm blew in as we headed back south. Winds kicked up to about 100km... 60 mph... but it wasn't too long of a storm. Rain started as we made one last stop for the evening. SO, our day began and ended much the same - lots of water in our faces! I loved it!

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