Saturday, September 15, 2007

Niagara Trip, Day 7

This morning, some friends drove in to meet us for breakfast in Gettysburg. What a fun fringe benefit of being "out east." :-) Before they took off, they escorted us through town (giving historical commentary as we went) to the Boyd's Bears store. Mom had a great time touring the store and selecting a memento of her visit - Ginger G Autumntyme, for those of you who might be collectors.

We then went south to Frederick, MD, and began the trek west... I-70 to I-68 through MD and WV, I-79 north through PA to rejoin I-70. It's an incredibly beautiful drive through the mountains - heights up to 2900' with a number of ups and downs. We stopped this evening in London, OH, after a 40-minute traffic delay for an accident. We are thankful it was the only real delay we experienced all week.

It has been a great week, enjoying the sights and enjoying each other's company. Tomorrow we head to Indianapolis - after all, we have to be home in time for the Colts' game!!

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