Friday, September 20, 2019

Equip #44 is coming!

Thank you for your faithful prayers for my trip back to Florida and my settling in here. I've been able to jump right back into routines, reconnect with co-workers, and get lots of things done in the office. Mom has continued to recover well and gain strength these past two weeks while I've been gone, praise the Lord.

We're doing final preparations now for Equip #44 (Sep 28 - Oct 11) when we will be joined by 31 new Wycliffe colleagues and 23 of their MKs (missionary kids). I'm reminded of a quote from a previous Equipper, who said she is teaching missionary kids because she realized God could use her "to be part of the team to reach people I'll never meet." As she taught MKs, their parents were able to do other roles to speed Bible translation and help transform lives.
As you pray and give for my Wycliffe ministry, you are doing exactly the same thing... being part of a team that God will use to reach people neither of us might ever meet. Wow. It's such a privilege to extend your influence for the Kingdom.

I let them know, by the way. The Equippers know you are praying for them... and they are grateful! Please let me know how I may be praying on your behalf. It's a privilege to pray together!

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