Friday, September 6, 2019

Exploring the Tabernacle

Imagine not having the Old Testament… How might that impact our understanding of Jesus’ death on our behalf? For those people groups who have only a New Testament or only portions of Scripture, there is much need for training about the Old Testament.

Lynda Wick is part of a team of Wycliffe Scripture Use workers in Papua New Guinea. In a recent workshop, 40 representatives from eight Nukna-speaking villages who have only Ruth, Mark, Luke, and Acts translated had opportunity to learn about the tabernacle and the Old Testament sacrificial system. Because the sessions were taught in the open air, every day there were also 120-150 other Nukna-speaking people who gathered to listen.

Lynda is a colleague who came through Equip orientation. You may have prayed for her in the past… and your prayers and gifts for my Wycliffe ministry have had impact on those she is able to now serve. Isn’t that fun to think about? Pray that those who attended the workshop will be able to share what they learned. Pray that the Lord will produce a greater thirst for the Word of God and a desire to see the translation work continue.

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